How Do I Make My Hardwood Floors Shiny?

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and timeless flooring option which can last for decades. When newly installed, most hardwood floors come with a durable polyurethane finish. This finish helps to protect your floors and provides a shine which highlights the wood’s character.

Over time, this original finish is worn down due to everyday traffic in your home. This wear can be especially noticeable in the main walkways of your house, or near entrances. If you find yourself looking to return the original level of shine to your hardwood floors, there are several options available.

Store Bought Waxes/Refinishers

If you have been looking for ways to make your wood floors shiny again, you may have considered purchasing a floor wax from a hardware store. These waxes are sold under different names, such as Rejuvenate and Bona, and promise to leave a glossy finish with one mopping application. The problem is that while these products look good initially, after repeated applications a sticky haze will form that dulls your floor’s appearance. Because the buildup occurs gradually, you may not immediately recognize the problem that these waxes are causing.

Removing wax from hardwood is a difficult process that is best left to professionals, such as BritePro Cleaning in Niagara. Wax must be removed from your hardwood even if you are planning on having them refinished, as the wax will gum up the abrasives of sanding machines.

Hardwood Refinishing/Sanding

Another way to make your hardwood floors shiny is by fully refinishing them. Most people will enlist the services of a floor refinishing company, who are experts at sanding floors. Rental machines are available for DIYers, however this is only recommended for those who are confident in running sanding machines without leaving divots or removing too much material. The refinishing process consists of sanding the floor down to the bare wood using finer grits of sandpaper with each pass. Then, a sealer is applied to the floor in preparation for 3-4 coats of polyurethane finish.

When done properly, a full hardwood sanding will leave your floors looking like they did when they were first installed. However, this process is expensive and is not suitable for engineered floors. Refinishing can also take multiple days to complete, and will leave your house uninhabitable during the process due to the dust and fumes. If you are okay with these downsides, refinishing will provide the best possible results for your floors.

Professional Clean And Polish

Having your hardwood floors cleaned and polished by a professional is a great option to make your floors shiny without the mess and expense of a full refinish. BritePro Cleaning’s basic hardwood cleaning option uses a cylindrical brush machine that removes dirt and residue from deep within your floor’s grooves. Then, the floor is buffed using an orbital machine with a special polishing pad. This process can be used not just on hardwood floors, but also on engineered, laminate and LVP floors.

For an even greater shine, a protective wear layer can be applied to your hardwood. This product helps to preserve the original finish of your floors. It also accentuates the rich look of the wood grain, and can hide shallow scuff marks and scratches. This finish is available in both satin and gloss finish levels.

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