carpet cleaning

our multi-step carpet cleaning system

1. pre-inspection

We will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the areas being cleaned and to learn about any specific spots or concerns you have that require extra attention.

2. set up

Our advanced equipment is brought into and set up in your home, with special care taken to keep areas not being cleaned free of dirt and damage.

3. furniture moving

If necessary, we can move smaller furniture out of the areas being cleaned, with the exceptions of entertainment centers, china cabinets, and other high value/delicate items.

4. pre-vacuuming

Dry soil is removed by thoroughly vacuuming the carpet, an essential step in the process before the carpet becomes wet.

5. spot treatment

A powerful spot treatment chemical is applied to any difficult spots or stains identified during the inspection of the carpet.

6. pre-spray

Our special pre-spray chemicals break down and loosen embedded soils and stains in your carpet in preparation for the extraction process.

7. agitation

By using a mechanical agitation technique, we further break down the soils in your carpet, ensuring that they can be easily removed in the next step.

8. extraction

With our powerful hot water extraction machines, we simultaneously remove dirt and rinse your carpet, without leaving a soapy residue or over-wetting the padding.

9. post-spotting

If any spots remain on the carpet, they will be treated using a spotting agent.

10. grooming

To leave a uniform appearance and decrease the drying time, the carpet is groomed using a carpet rake.

11. speed drying

High-volume air movers are put in place while we clean other areas,  further reducing the time it takes for the carpets to dry.

12. post cleaning walkthrough

Before we leave, we will walk through all the areas cleaned with you, to ensure your complete satisfaction with the cleaning.

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