britepro's deep carpet and area rug cleaning - dry in one hour

We use a Low Moisture Encapsulation Method which thoroughly cleans your carpets while using very little water. This method successfully removes dirt, stains, odors and more while drying in a fraction of the time of steam cleaning. Concerns about safety, carpet damage and noise are eliminated with our eco-friendly process.

Steam Cleaning vs BritePro Encapsulation

Steam Cleaning

  • 30+ litres of water used to clean a room
  • Carpets take a minimum of 8 hours to dry
  • Toxic, industrial grade chemicals sprayed on carpets
  • Door must be open during cleaning, allowing insects inside and letting air conditioning and pets escape
  • Leftover residue can cause carpets to look dirty just months after cleaning
  • Hoses are dragged through house, damaging floorboards and corners
  • Wicking and recurring spill stains can occur
  • High-pressure water could lead to subfloor damage and mold problems
  • Noisy gas engines running in driveway during cleaning

BritePro Encapsulation

  • No more than 2 litres of water used per room
  • Fast dry times of under an hour
  • Only green, eco-friendly cleaning products are used
  • Doors are always closed during cleaning, preventing any security issues or insect problems
  • Low residue cleaning products resist future dirt buildup in the carpet
  • Equipment is entirely self-contained and doesn't require long hose runs through the house
  • No wicking or recurring spill stains
  • Low moisture cleaning process eliminates any water damage or mold risks
  • Quiet electric machines are used for cleaning

Our 4 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-Vacuuming

Using a powerful vacuum cleaner, we thoroughly go over all of the areas to be cleaned. This is an important step in the overall process, as up to 80% of the dry soils in a carpet can be removed by vacuuming.

Step 2: Spot Treatment

Many spots require special attention to be properly treated. Based on the type of stain, we choose the appropriate spotting agent to apply to the area. This agent is then agitated and worked into the spot, helping to break down the stain. Although not all stains can be removed, we experience high success rates using this process.

Step 3: Pre-Spray Application

Our special encapsulating solution is diluted with hot water, and then sprayed onto the carpets. The encapsulating product we use is eco-friendly and rated as being safe for use in residential households. Unlike the harsh chemicals many steam cleaners use, we exclusively use green cleaning products. This solution breaks down the chemical bond between dirt and carpet fiber, making it easier to extract in the next step.

Step 4: Soil Extraction

After the pre-spray has been applied, we bring in our 115 lb rotary extraction machine along with absorbent cotton bonnet pads. After spraying the pad with our cleaning solution, we begin running the machine over the carpet. The weight of the tool combined with the properties of the cleaning solution help to extract the dirt from the carpet onto the machine’s pad. The end result is a brighter, fresh smelling and uniformly cleaned carpet.

Our Transparent Pricing

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Small Room: $39

(Up to 150 sq. ft.)

Medium Room: $49

(Up to 250 sq. ft.)

Large Room: $59

(Over 250 sq. ft.)

Staircase: $39

(Single story)

Hallway: $25

Area Rug: $0.40/sq. ft.

(No oriental rugs)

Upholstery Cleaning

Dining Chair: $15

Loveseat: $65

Sofa Chair: $45

Couch: $80

Standard Sectional: $120

U-shaped Sectional: $160

Ottoman: $35

Add-on Services

Room/Upholstery Protector: $25/piece

Hallway Carpet Protector: $20/area

Single Mattress: $55

Double Mattress: $65

Queen Mattress: $75

King Mattress: $85

Commercial pricing differs from residential, call or email for more information

Our No-Risk Guarantee

We stand fully behind the quality of our workmanship. If you are unhappy with the results of any of our cleaning services, we will return to reclean the area(s) in question. In the case that we are still unable to meet your level of expectation, we will refund your cleaning fee for the respective service.

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BritePro Carpet Cleaning

Founded by Brock University business student Jack Stephens, BritePro Carpet Cleaning aims to provide the residents and organizations of the Niagara Region with an unparalleled cleaning experience. BritePro offers carpet and upholstery cleaning services to both domestic and commercial properties. Using a special cleaning process, BritePro offers fast dry times, powerful stain removal, and long-lasting results.

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