upholstery cleaning

revitalize your living room

Over time, your sofa and other upholstered furniture collects dirt, oils, food particles and odours from regular use. While not immediately noticeable, this build-up will gradually degrade the appearance and lifespan of your furniture, and possibly create odour problems as well.

With the use of our powerful hot water extraction machines, we are able to restore your furniture to like-new condition. We use an industry leading system giving you a professional cleaning without damaging the fabric.

our cleaning process

1. Before cleaning, we will inspect the items(s) to beĀ  cleaned and identify any difficult spots.

2. Loose soils are removed by thoroughly vacuuming the surface.

3. Stains and spots are individually treated with a special cleaning agent.

4. A powerful pre-spray solution is sprayed on the fabric. This pre-spray helps to break down the soils and grease on the upholstery.

5. The solution is then manually agitated to further break down the soils.

6. The soils and pre-spray are rinsed and extracted from the fabric.

7. The fabric is groomed for a uniform appearance.

8. A post-cleaning inspection is conducted to ensure your satisfaction with the results.

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