tile & grout cleaning

bring your grout back to life

Despite a common misconception, tile and grout cannot be kept clean from mopping alone. Small dirt and soil particles get trapped in the pores of the flooring, causing the tile and grout to darken and appear dirty. While the use of a mop will help remove surface dirt, it will not be able to remove the embedded soils that change the color of your floors.

Using our effective deep cleaning system, we are able to extract the dirt and grime from your floors, restoring them to a shine and appearance similar to when they were first installed. By the time we leave your house, you can be assured that your flooring has received the best cleaning available on the market.

our cleaning process

1. Before cleaning, we will inspect the flooring and identify any difficult areas.

2. Loose dirt is removed by thoroughly vacuuming the area to be cleaned.

3. A powerful tile cleaning solution is applied to the surface using a sprayer. This pre-spray helps to break down soils and grease embedded in the grout.

4. The solution is then mechanically agitated to further break down the soils in the flooring.

5. Using the hot water extraction method, the solution is rinsed off the tiles and simultaneously extracted using our powerful machine.

6. (Optional) A sealer is applied to help protect your tile and grout and to make it easier to maintain in between cleanings.

7. We will conduct a post-cleaning walkthrough with you to go over the results.

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