Choosing The Best Floor Type For Your Home By Room

Whether you are buying a new home or renovating your existing one, selecting your floor type is an important decision. Making the wrong selection could lead to you spending more money than necessary on purchase and maintenance costs, as well as causing premature damage. By knowing the ideal floor type you should have in each room, you will be able to save money and improve your enjoyment of your home.

Kitchen – Porcelain Tile

The kitchen in most homes is a high-traffic area, where spills frequently occur and objects are dropped. Although wood and vinyl floors have become more popular recently, they are made out of softer materials than tile. This means that deep scratches and dents can occur if, for example, a pot is dropped on the floor. Newer engineered flooring cannot be sanded or easily repaired, meaning that removing these marks may be impossible.

Additionally, tile floors are not impacted by moderate amounts of water. Because of this, cleaning up spills is easy and the floor can be wet mopped to maintain its appearance. Although grout lines can become dirty even with frequent mopping, most carpet cleaning companies, such as BritePro, offer deep cleaning services which can improve the appearance of your older grout.

Bedrooms – Carpet

Bedrooms typically receive less traffic and are subject to fewer spills than other areas of the home. Carpet is an attractive and affordable option that is a perfect option for installation in a bedroom. Many people, especially those in colder climates, find that carpet is more pleasant to walk on than hard floor types.

Carpet also can help improve the air quality in your home. Unlike hard surfaces, which allow dust and allergens to float in the air, carpet traps these substances until they can be removed through your regular vacuuming. This means you will be able to breathe easier, particularly if you suffer from asthma or allergies.

Living Rooms – Hardwood or Carpet

Your choice of hardwood or carpet for your living room comes down mostly to personal preference. Both are attractive options that will improve the appearance of the interior of your home. If you live in an area that gets cold in the winter, you may prefer to choose carpet as it does not get as cold underfoot as hard surfaces.

Bathrooms – Porcelain Tile

The flooring in a bathroom needs to be able to withstand water and higher humidity levels. For this reason, tile is an obvious choice as it cleans up easily and can withstand repeated exposure to moisture. Avoid wood floors in bathrooms, as they can buckle up or delaminate when wet.

Staircases – Carpet

If noise is a concern of yours, carpet is an ideal choice. Soft floor coverings muffle the sound of footsteps, especially important in high-traffic areas of the home. Additionally, no residential floor covering has as much traction as carpet. Slips and falls can be extremely dangerous, especially for seniors. Avoid floor coverings with polish finishes, which can be extremely slippery even when dry.

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